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The SFC - Ethiopia, 2004. This is a very difficult picture for many people to look at. This was my first time ever seeing a severely malnourished child in real life. It changes you. I love this picture because it marked a significant turning point in my life and career, and is a constant reminder of how incredibly fortunate we are here in the United States. It is also an excellent example of the two presentations of malnutrition. Wasting (very skinny) and Edema (swelling of the stomach, feet and face). The first child is the former, and the second the latter. These kids were brought to the SFC or supplementary feeding center run by CARE International. They were given very carefully planned, pre-packaged food with super nourishing vitamins and protein, but in small amounts so it could be easily digested. If a severely malnourished child is given too much food, they will either vomit or have diarrhea, thereby wasting the effort. These mothers will walk for miles to the closest supplementary feeding center, where they must remain while the children eat and are monitored, and then they are given food packs to take home, to supplement and ultimately nourish the child back to health.