A Split in the Line

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A Split in the Line – Niger, 2005. In August 2005 I went to Niger to shoot the famine going on there. It was a stretch even for me, as Niger was an area I was not at all familiar with in any way, and it turned out to be a pretty awful place in general...except for the women. I was absolutely blown away by their beauty, their use of color, and their resolute determination to save their children. This picture was taken at a mobile field clinic, or MFC where MSF (Doctor’s Without Borders) was weighing, evaluating and treating children for severe malnutrition. Every woman walked for miles with their babies strapped to their backs and several of their other children in tow for a chance to get help. In this image, for some reason, the line split into two different directions, but in fact came back together behind me, so I ducked into the middle and took this shot.